Enabling Windows Firewall on 1100/1200ACS or IP100 Series Products


The GLOBALCOM and GLOBALCOM.IP Announcement Control System (ACS) products have shipped in the past with Windows Firewall disabled, in order to prevent any potential issues with the firewall blocking critical communications by the AtlasIED services running on these products.  However, in this day of heightened security concerns, some customers may desire to turn the Firewall back on, or have a facility security policy of always turning the Firewall on.  For these customers, AtlasIED is now providing a tool in the form of an installer that will:

  • Turn on the Windows Firewall, and
  • Create the necessary exceptions in the Firewall to allow AtlasIED Services to operation through the Firewall.

This installer is provided in the form of an executable that may be downloaded from here:  AtlasIED Firewall Rules.exe Note: Rules most recently updated on April 20, 2020 to correct an issue with FTP on Windowsx64 systems that would prevent Lifeline controllers from receiving download of new configuration data and recording files.

How to Apply

One should copy this executable to the target product (e.g. to the Windows Desktop) and then run it.

These changes can be removed by going into Windows Control Panel -> Programs and Features, selecting the AtlasIED Firewall Rules and selecting Uninstall.  

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