IED 5400 Series Product Announcement and Spec Sheets

See attached documents for the following products in the IED 5400 Series product line:

  • IED5400ACS - Announcement Control System
  • IED5404DZM - 4x4 Digital Zone Manager
  • IED5432DZM - 4x32 Digital Zone Manager
  • IED5450CS - Touch Screen Communication Station
  • IED5416CS - Programmable 16 Button Communication Station 
  • IED5414AMP - 4x100W Audio Power Amplifier
  • IED5434AMP - 4x300W Audio Power Amplifier
  • IED5454AMP - 4x500W Audio Power Amplifier
  • IED5410/11EOL - End of Line Module

For the latest spec sheets, please visit the website


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